Does Exercise Feel Unnatural and Boring?

June 9, 2014

2013-02-10 18.05.04

I know that not everyone is a fitness fanatic, so what happens when you want to get healthy but you just can’t get into a normal routine? How can you stop your on-again, off-again relationship with exercise?  People often ask me “what is the best form of exercise?” My response is always the same: “whichever one you like and will be committed to doing.”

IT’S ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN!!!  All exercise does not have to be traditional.  People have a tendency to think that they have to work out like a body builder in order to be fit and healthy, but remember –  exercise comes in all forms. 

– Take a dance class…salsa, hip-hop, and African dance are very popular.  You can even try pole dancing to add some spice to your workout. I guarantee you will have a ton of fun while burning those unwanted calories.

– Go for a brisk walk with a friend and schedule your walking days in advance.  Having a workout partner keeps you accountable and you can be a source of motivation for one another.

– Make it a family activity.  Go for a family bike ride in the park.  Rollerblading and hiking are also activities you can do together that are both fun and beneficial to your health.

So what are you waiting for? A world of opportunity awaits, so get up, get moving and leave the excuses behind!


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